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New Chapter - a new sidecar

Posted: 01 Mar 2019, 08:12
by KJP Heijkoop
After trying many different bikes recently I have decided to finally return a sidecar. My last one was a BMW R100R with EZS TPSL sidecar. A nice classic combination, but it was too slow and did not have enough power for my liking. So now, to accommodate a relaxed riding poistion but also to provide enough power I have decided on a Honda VTX 1800 with an EZS TPSL sidecar.

The VTX 1800 at LBS Zijspantechniek

And a few days later the EZS TPSL arrived

The bike and sidecar have been delivered at the sidecar builder, but still need to be married. Now I have to wait a month (or more) for the union to be completed and after that there are still a few things to be done, especially the electrics, foot rest, window renewal and finally a new coating on bike and sidecar.

Update: 2019-04-10 I received my new sidecar. I've done a few hunderd miles with since then. Fitted the electrics and done some small necessary jobs. Now it is time to enjoy.